Partnering w/ Youth Organizations, Schools, & Youth Clubhouses

Road Recovery’s TRAXPROGRAM is a unique and powerful program that partners with community based organizations, schools, youth clubhouses and their staff. The TRAXPROGRAM offers young people an alternative solution at the MOST critical stage when these young people are faced with challenges of building a healthy network while encountering the triggers of daily life (which can often feel like a rollercoaster ride) that can lead them to participating in risky behavior.

Our creative mentors are entertainment industry professionals who have confronted and overcome personal adversities, share powerful stories of real-life experiences to bring inspiration, knowledge, and guidance to the participants.

Guided by Road Recovery staff, the hosting community based organization’s and youth clubhouse’s staff, and supported by a group of like-minded peers, our TRAXPROGRAM empowers young people of all backgrounds to face their struggles and helps them develop comprehensive life skills by giving them an opportunity to plan, create and present their own live concert events and/or high-quality recording projects.

When possible, the TRAXPROGRAM also includes additional experiential activities, such as MASTERTRAX and FIELDTRAX ( see below for more information).

“For years Road Recovery has been helping kids find their way towards a healthy future through the efforts of music industry professionals. I am proud to be a member of this great organization. Once you find that you want this [Road Recovery], it’s something tangible that you can achieve & very much worth the effort.” – SLASH, Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver


Short & long-term goal setting and achievement
Multi-level adult support and supervision
A safe environment that strives to provide a confidential space
Hands-on training/use of ‘state of the art’ music/production equipment and supplies


Road Recovery’s TRAXPROGRAM helps young people achieve short- and long-term creative goals while affording them a positive experience that can make them feel proud. Having ownership of tangible results provides them the opportunity to develop self-esteem and life skills needed to withstand negative peer pressure.

EMPOWERS young people to withstand negative peer pressure
ENCOURAGES young people to build self-confidence
OFFERS mentorship by staff who have overcome similar situations
TEACHES collaborative learning utilizing state-of-the-art equipment in a professional recording studio

BUILDS a strong peer support network – a youth culture embracing a healthy lifestyle
PROVIDES a safe and confidential environment
CONNECTS young people and their families/legal guardians/assigned adults with local support networks, crisis intervention resources, and mental health professionals


  • NO previous creative experience required
  • 13-25 years of age
  • Open to connecting with local neighborhood organizations, high school counselors, university counseling centers, faculty members, mental health professionals and support groups/organizations
  • Desire to embrace Recovery, avoid at-risk/self-destructive behavior
  • Has a willingness to explore his/her creativity as a means of positive change
  • May have caused parental concern and family conflict as a result of alcohol and drug use or other high-risk behavior
  • Has been exposed to and may be vulnerable to negative peer pressure
  • Under-functioning and under-achieving
  • May have mental, emotional issues and co-existing or secondary psychiatric complications; however they must be mild in severity and not prevent participation in the TRAXPROGRAMS or present a danger to themselves or other participating or working in the program.


PROGRAM LENGTH: 12 to 14 week cycle, a session can be offered once weekly
six (6) week cycle, sessions can be offered twice weekly

PER SESSION LENGTH: one (1) session = two (2) hours

DAYS & TIMES: after school or early evenings

LOCATION: sessions take place at the hosting premises of community-based organizations



(Meeting facilitated by Road Recovery Staff and staff from the community based organization hosting program)

Provides an opportunity for program participants to support one another by sharing together the ups and downs of daily recovery and personal adversities.

Staff and participants collectively address self-governing aspects of the program and organize upcoming live performance events and/or studio recordings and other creative projects.

Under the direction of Road Recovery’s staff, following the Peer Support Meeting, participants plan, create, design and rehearse in preparation for their final concert performance and/or studio recordings and other creative projects.

“I’ve been blessed to have a truly rewarding career in the music industry and I’ve worn many hats, from artist and songwriter to producer and executive. I also have experienced firsthand the ravages of addiction, and the role I’m most proud to be associated with is ‘sober’.” – Smokey Robinson



MASTERTRAX (meet & greet) is a favorite for many participants enrolled in our TRAXPROGRAM MASTERTRAX are unique, once in a life-time opportunities for our young people to hear from Road Recovery supporters from a variety of fields including the music and entertainment industry who are willing to share their life experiences and message of hope with them. These “ALL ACCESS” experiences provide our youth with perspectives and insights of life’s aspirations, opportunities, and goals.

MASTERTRAX is interactive, allowing participants to ask questions, gaining invaluable insight into various career/life opportunities and the requirements needed to achieve such goals. The “SUCCESS STORIES” of individuals from a variety of fields who’ve achieved their career goals and happiness in their chosen paths are shared with the participants in a very informal environment. The guest professionals are from all walks of life, who describe the process, the difficulties and benefits they have achieved.

“Road Recovery is very necessary, very timely and very true… And, should be shared in schools with young people all around the world!” – Jon Anderson, YES


FEATURING: guest professionals from all paths of life
FREQUENCY: on a one-time basis or as a miniseries
LOCATION: on/off-site from TRAXPROGRAM locations, pending guest speaker’s schedule and availability
LENGTH: 30-90 minutes + travel time to off-site locations (for enrolled program participants who are approved to attend off-site events)

RECOVERYTRAX participants in the studio with MASTERTRAX guest, John Taylor of Duran Duran.



FIELDTRAX offers amazing experiences for many of our participants who may not ever have opportunities such as these outside of their homes or given circumstances otherwise.

In furthering both the impact and skills taught by the TRAXPROGRAM staff, enrolled participants who are approved to attend off-site events and staff go “In-The- Field” to witness real-life ‘Live’ concert events in the works, bringing to life the skills taught in the weekly creative workshops – providing enrolled TRAXPROGRAM participants a real-life cultural experience yielding a greater impact of the TRAXPROGRAM.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of helping young people finds their way out of the dark and into the light through Road Recovery.” – Jerry Cantrell, Alice In Chains


Frequency: one-time basis (TBD)
Location: off-site from TRAXPROGRAM locations
Length: 60 to 90-minute performance length + travel time to off-site locations (for enrolled program participants who are approved to attend off-site events)


Road Recovery provides educational/performance workshops and peer support.

Road Recovery and its RoadTrax, Trax Program, VirtualTrax, SeminarTrax, ConcertTrax, MasterTrax and FieldTrax do not provide medical care or maintain protected health information for its participants.