Macklemore“Road Recovery is doing amazing work with young people struggling with addiction and other issues. It was great to see firsthand how their Trax Programs are having a positive impact on their lives.” Macklemore
Smokey Robinson“I’ve been blessed to have a truly rewarding career in the music industry and I’ve worn many hats, from artist and songwriter to producer and executive. I also have experienced firsthand the ravages of addiction, and the role I’m most proud to be associated with is ‘sober'” Smokey Robinson
Duff“To date, it has been a rare thing for me to actually come out and endorse a cause or organization. But Road Recovery hits so damn close to home for me, and is run SO well-and with so much positivity; that I was actually glad to get a chance to get behind the whole deal. Road Recovery is the real deal.” Duff McKagan – Guns ‘N Roses, Velvet Revolver
Dave Ellefson“Road Recovery is there when the rubber meets the road in recovery.” Dave Ellefson – Megadeth
Duff“As we all know Music is a great healing tool. Road Recovery has taken the gift of music even further, helping young kids with addiction and other adversities by giving them hope, healing and ownership by playing music . I am honored to be a part of Road Recovery. Music saves lives!” Matt Sorum – Guns ‘N Roses, Velvet Revolver
halwilner “Road Recovery & Music are powerful! Music can wash clothes; Road Recovery can help sort it out!” Hal Willner, American music producer working in recording, films, TV and live events
stephencarpenter“I believe in helping kids. They’re not given a fair shake anymore. I believe in people and want to see them do well. Road Recovery is an avenue for kids to have a chance.” Stephen Carpenter – Guitarist, The Deftones
simonkirke3 “The best thing I ever did was to get sober and playing music has helped me to stay sober. I support Road Recovery and am honored to be a part of this one of a kind organization. Road Recovery allows me to share my talents with the young people enrolled in their programs. The kids always give me more than I try to give them!” Simon Kirke, Drummer, Bad Company & Free
sharon “It was my honor to spend time with Road Recovery’s young adults! It means a lot to me as a mom to talk with these wonderful young people and listen to them describe what they’ve been through and how they feel. We, as moms and dads can learn so much by listening to our young people. Thank’s again Road Recovery for allowing Ozzy and I the experience of meeting & speaking with all of you! I give a HUGE, HUGE CHEER in support of ROAD RECOVERY! Make sure you capitalize HUGE!” Sharon Osbourne – Media Personality, Author, Music Manager & Promoter
phelps “Road Recovery is an amazing organization that has the capacity to truly change lives. These kids are learning that they can be strong, valuable, contributing members to society–indeed, leaders themselves. I was honored and delighted to share some time with the folks from Road Recovery–indeed, they are brave examples to me!” Cynthia Phelps, Principal Violist, New York Philharmonic
samfog “Road Recovery is incredible… they are a Godsend. Road Recovery’s programs pan all the creative arts and couple them with the support of the medical world. The marriage of the two is a template that can be applied in helping people overcome any issue for anyone!” Sam Fogarino, drummer, Interpol
jonanderson “Road Recovery is very necessary, very timely and very true…And, should be shared in schools with young people all around the world!” Jon Anderson, YES
ericclapton “I’m Sorry I didn’t get to meet with everyone from Road Recovery. Perhaps somewhere down the road of happy destiny we will all be together – maybe. Thank You.” Eric Clapton
buddyguy “Whatever your problem is, nothing will get solved by drinking. It only calms you, but in the morning your gonna wake up with a headache. Road Recovery will help you take away your pain before you get a headache.” Buddy Guy, Blues Guitarist and Singer
varvatos “It’s an honor supporting Road Recovery. The work they do is remarkable. Just look at the faces of the kids who are part of their programs. Rock On!!!” John Varvatos, Designer
iggy “Just do what I do when things get tough, tell yourself, I’m a champion and then act that way. Road Recovery feels good!!” Iggy Pop, The Stooges
frankbello “Road Recovery is an amazing place that offers kids hope and guidance in their lives through music. I will never forget the privileged feeling of talking and hanging out with these talented and creative kids who found the right path for their lives. Road Recovery Rules!!” Frank Bello, bassist – Anthrax
frampton “Knowing that I can be of help in some small way to Road Recovery is the best feeling. I can only hope that I helped their young people as much as they have helped me.” Peter Frampton
leary “Without Road Recovery, people like me would never get to use our music to bring attention and raise money for such a worthy cause like Road Recovery. Keeping kids off drugs is important and the fact that I get to play with Peter Frampton is priceless.” Denis Leary, Comedian/Actor
paulstanley “Everybody gets off track…what’s most important is that you get back on, and with all the support from people involved with Road Recovery there’s a brighter day ahead. It’s great you guys found a way to turn things around! Hat’s off to you all.” Paul Stanley, KISS
farrell “Road Recovery is about young folks, unfixable houses and giving them shelter and a direction. We love you Road Recovery!” Perry & Etty Lau Farrell, Jane’s Addiction, Satellite Party
julewis “Road Recovery, this live, vital force should be seen, heard, and supported more than sex, drugs & rock ’n’ roll that the media highlights. Road Recovery is the power of sound musicianship.” Juliette Lewis, Actress, Singer
littlesteven “I’m proud of Road Recovery, proud to be a part of such a valuable organization. Keep in mind, people addicted to anything are so creative. Road Recovery is all about redirecting that energy in a positive direction.” Little Steven, Bruce Springsteen and the E. Street Band
joeperry “Together, through music and creativity with Road Recovery, you’re gonna find your path. By talking with Road Recovery’s kids today, I’m reminded that it’s one-day-at-a-time, you’ve gotta give it back. You gotta stay connected. That’s how it works, it’s ‘tried & true’ – and hey, I’m living proof. Thanks to everyone at Road Recovery for helping me!” Joe Perry, Aerosmith
jorma “This has absolutely been a good, positive experience meeting up with everyone involved in Road Recovery. The opportunities that kids get with Road Recovery is something that would have been unthinkable for me at that age.” Jorma Kaukonen, Hot Tuna
cassidy “I feel lucky to have this chance to do service for Road Recovery. It put me in contact with youth in recovery and reminded me of my responsibility to others and myself. Thanks!” Jack Casady, Hot Tuna
manitoba “This weekend, working with Road Recovery was a highlight of my life.” Handsome Dick Manitoba, The Dictators
gilbyclarke “It was my pleasure to participate in Road Recovery’s Benefit, a great organization to inspire young people to love music.” Gilby Clarke, Guns N’ Roses
donwas “Road Recovery… A life-changing experience.” Don Was, Record Producer
docmg “I commend Road Recovery’s effort in providing young people with the support they need.” Doc McGhee, manager – KISS
moby “Road Recovery is great ‘service’. By you (Road Recovery) being here, you’re benefiting me a lot. It’s always reciprocal.” MOBY, DJ, Singer-Songwriter and Musician
slash “For years Road Recovery has been helping kids find their way towards a healthy future through the efforts of music industry professionals. I am proud to be a member of this great organization. Once you find that you want this [Road Recovery], it’s something tangible that you can achieve & very much worth the effort.” Slash, Velvet Revolver, Guns N’ Roses
tonybenn “I’m so happy to meet these kids and to know that they are back on the right track. They are among the most promising young people I’ve met in a long time and Road Recovery is what’s behind it all!” Tony Bennett, Singer
jameshetfeild “Turning that road to ruin into Road Recovery can be a great one having the tools and support. The keys for me have been honesty and awareness. Respecting yourself with honesty will give you and others a clear mission on what is healthy and what is not. When people know your struggles they can help you be aware of your behavior. Be the rebel and help break the myth of sex, drugs, rock and roll by standing up with your given gift. Stand up with out those crutches before they inevitably fail you. Road Recovery, they fight the good fight.” With Much Love and Respect, James ‘papa het’ Hetfield, Metallica
morello “Road Recovery’s mentor programs foster important change in young people’s lives – AND THEY ROCK HARD AT THE SAME TIME. They say ‘if you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for anything’ and I think that’s really true. Have the courage to stand up for one another and those less fortunate. I support Road Recovery’s efforts and everyone involved in the work of this amazing organization.” Tom Morello, Street Sweeper Social Club, The Nightwatchman, Audioslave, Rage Against The Machine
philramone “Road Recovery touches my heart. I knew I couldn’t prepare anything for this…it’s critically nice to walk in here and think, someone actually will care. Road Recovery’s youth have found a centered point in their lives to be together in this recovery because there is a result, there’s a fruit, there’s a tree. They’re all playing their music, switching instruments…that’s brilliant. It helps all of us that you’ve succeed already and leaves me to understand that there’s a bigger purpose with Road Recovery. This is a very healthy expression. I think it’s a miracle that WE have each other…that YOU have each other. It’s great to see and it’s great for me to emotionally take it on.” Phil Ramone, music producer

“Road Recovery is Fantastic! Once you’ve taken the rum out of the fruit cake, Road Recovery helps you deal with the fruit!”

“If you don’t make mistakes, you never learn, keep trying…that’s the Road Recovery way and mine too. Cheers!” Steve Lillywhite, Record Producer
boydtinsley “Road Recovery and Music are gifts that can lift the pain from your heart and carry you forward to better life.” Boyd Tinsley, Dave Matthews Band
waynecoyne “Pot is fun and should be legal. For some that’s all it is…for those with addictive personalities they can face a treacherous road and I’ve seen it happen to some of my friends over the years. Crystal Meth, Heroin, Coke, all that stuff can overtake you. This idea of Road Recovery helps kids avoid the treacherous road of the drugs that can overtake you.” Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips
anka “Road Recovery, such a great cause!” Paul Anka, Singer
ozzy “It took me 23 years to get there. It was a long and limey road. I’m not doing anything again if I’m not sober. Sobriety is worth it! Road Recovery is worth it! If you want it, stick it out, you’ll get there. If we follow these principals to the best of our ability then we don’t have to go back!” Ozzy Osbourne
oldham “To be at one with the storm of your brothers and sisters is to be in still waters and Road Recovery provides the mooring…..” Andrew Oldham, Legendary Producer, Impresario, & Manager – Rolling Stones (1960’s)
jerrycantrell “It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of helping young people find their way out of the dark & into the light through Road Recovery.” Jerry Cantrell, Alice In Chains
trey “Road Recovery is a beacon of light in a dark and confusing world. Addiction is so tricky and insidious and community is the cure. Road Recovery is all about community, a great organization with amazing programs. I’m so happy to be sober and grateful to be in the company of people getting the point early!” Trey Anastasio, Singer/Songwriter, Phish
bobmother “Road Recovery is Great! Bob 1” Bob Mothersbaugh (DEVO)
rollins “It was very nice meeting with all of you from Road Recovery. The biggest disservice you can do is to ignore or deny your potential, it’s quite limitless, take control as it can be the difference between pass & fail.” Henry Rollins, Singer/Songwriter, Spoken Word Artist, Author, Actor, and Publisher
joewalsh “It’s wonderful to see these young people getting sober! I really regret that I didn’t get it early, I wasted so much time. I wish Road Recovery well…their young people could have continued …but they didn’t miss nothing, I speak from experience. Together we all get to go on with life! Road Recovery’s great!” Joe Walsh, Solo Artist, The Eagles
testimonials-run-dmc “Road Recovery is the place where love, care, and inspiration leads to healing and empowerment!” Darryl McDaniels, RUN DMC
bill-murray “Good Job Road Recovery!” Bill Murray, Actor
Ronald Guttman, Actor, Theatrical & Film Producer “Road Recovery’s unique mission using music in the healing process is truly remarkable. You simply cannot resist supporting this life-saving organization and not feel their contagious enthusiasm.” Ronald Guttman, Actor, Theatrical & Film Producer
Kathryn Erbe, Actress “Road Recovery is filling a crucial need supporting young people who want to change their lives for the better and live their dreams into reality. I am very grateful they are doing this work and wish I had been able to take part in a movement like this when I was young. I’m so grateful to be able to sing Road Recovery’s praises now and support their work in every way I can.” Kathryn Erbe, Actress
Jason Flom, Lava Records, The Church of Rock & Roll “Road Recovery creates miracles in the lives of young people battling addiction and other adversities through being kind, open, accepting, optimistic, committed, grateful, and brave.” Jason Flom, Lava Records, The Church of Rock & Roll
Michael Mulgrew“Thanks, Road Recovery. Your VirtualTrax Program made it possible for the United Federation of Teachers to end this challenging school year with our “Let’s Talk About It” Virtual Field Trip. The on-line event taught children coping techniques for this crisis. Together we reached more than 1,100 middle and high school students from 150 schools across New York City. We hope to work with Road Recovery and our partners at the NYC Department of Education on more of these ground-breaking events.” Michael Mulgrew, President – UFT
“Arjun“I had the pleasure of facilitating an edition of the WeekendWarriors/Road Recovery TraxProgram for the Road Recovery team at Power Station At BerkleeNYC in 2018. What seemed like a hands-off, independent program turned into one of my most memorable music-making weekends: observing the team’s process, participating in conversations and ideation and open, supportive discourse leading to myself as well as Power Station staff writing and recording together with the team. Road Recovery’s mission, message and intent are important and necessary, perhaps now more than ever, and I am grateful that our paths crossed when they did and look forward to continuing to collaborate into the future.” Arjun Roy, Director of Education Power Station At BerkleeNYC
Dr. David Smith “Road Recovery fills the void between the clinical treatment of addiction and the real world. Road Recovery perfectly connects and complements the process of ongoing long term recovery in order for young people to live a full life.” – Dr. David Smith, Founder, Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic Medical Director
David Rotenberg “Road Recovery’s programs have truly had an impact on helping adolescents coming out of treatment stay engaged and most importantly stay sober. The program really becomes an extended care program for these young adults. Road Recovery’s program helps adolescents find and express themselves through the music industry mentors. Research shows that kids involved with the arts have positive dramatic long-term impacts on them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Road Recovery is about changing and saving lives and our experience so far has been terrific. Their programs are creating a model that no one else in the country has in terms of an engaging after care model that helps keep kids sober.” – David Rotenberg, Executive Director of Adolescent Treatment Services for Caron Treatment Centers.
The Piper “Musicians play with the same tools used in the creation of the universe; tempo, tension, frequency, and the unstoppable urge to break free. Road Recovery reminds kids there is no greater high than the one they plug into while expressing their eternal selves through music.” – The Piper, Flipsyde
joanjett “Road Recovery, that’s really cool.” Joan Jett, Punk Rock Legend
kwayneshepard “Wow, all these kids are all sober? That’s great! It’s good to have Road Recovery’s programs… a great thing for young people to focus on music to make it possible to play without the excess!” Kenny Wayne Shepherd, blues-rock guitarist, singer, songwriter
haroldowens “Road Recovery is THE music industry driven non-profit organization that addresses the issues facing teenagers and young adults today and tomorrow. MusiCares is proud to have a professional working relationship with this wonderful organization.” Harold Owens, Senior Director, MusiCares – provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need.
fabrizio “Road Recovery seems to trade sadness and disparity for focus and creativity. The life stories of these courageous people are testimonies of their strength and maturity. Watching them carry each other with kindness, sensitivity and regard was moving, but seeing them work together, writing music and allocating their passions to something communal, was inspiring. Music has never seemed so therapeutic as it does with these kids through Road Recovery.” Fabrizio Moretti, Drummer, The Strokes
bbragg “Music is an amazing form of self-expression…use this expression to help you deal with problems in your life. Road Recovery helps you use music as a tool to get away from a position of where you are.” Billy Bragg, artist
grodin “It’s an inspiration to know the people at Road Recovery who give so much of their lives to helping others.” Charles Grodin, Actor/Writer
peterjenner “Road Recovery Walks it as they Talk it.”

Peter Jenner, Sincere Management (UK), legendary artist manager – Pink Floyd, The Clash, Billy Bragg

kramer “Last night I spent three hours with a group of a dozen kids in Road Recovery. We talked and we jammed and it was a great experience for me. Road Recovery is comprised of people with a hope of teaching kids that they can draw a map through this world that doesn’t include a stop at the liquor store or the dope house. I saw myself in that room and I realized that to be 16 or 19 or 22… and clean… and totally uninhibited was living proof of principles in action. What appears to be contrary to the laws of nature are HAPPENING in Road Recovery. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. It’s a true hands-on program for young people and it needs to be duplicated around the world. Do whatever you can to support them.” Wayne Kramer, Artist, Founding Member – MC5, Writer, Activist
bloomberg “The Road Recovery Foundation receives support from Bloomberg L.P. “It is our pleasure to support Road Recovery’s important programs combining music industry and mental health professionals to teach young people about the benefits of a drug-free life. We are proud to a part of this initiative and commend [Road Recovery’s] outreach efforts.” Bloomberg L.P.
katell “I support anything that liberates people from oppression, that’s what Road Recovery continues to provide all of us – young and old.” Katell Keineg, Artist
jimmyweb “Road Recovery Rocks! It’s the real deal, life changing, the truth like seeing Iggy Pop!” Jimmy Webb, I NEED MORE
jimmygnecco “Road Recovery is an organization that believes in you even when you’ve lost belief in yourself. Road Recovery is an amazing group of people and great friends to all.” Jimmy Gnecco, Artist, OURS
dougefresh “Road Recovery is a very special group of people who knows how it is when you live life, and wants to make sure kids of all ages get a real shot from people who experienced a lot and are willing to give back! This is the realist thing I’ve seen out here for real.” Doug E. Fresh, Parent, Artist
walterYet “Road Recovery is a mitzvah. As a guy who’s recovering from everything, I can appreciate both the beautiful spirit and practicality that informs this program. For young people who want to pursue a life of music-but to do it without the self-destructive tragedy of addiction-Road Recovery is a clarion call. I’m proud to be a small part of a big plan that helps us all stay sane.” Walter Yetnikoff, music industry legend
Charliefeldman “Road Recovery is Hope. It is support. When those in harm’s way are isolated, hope and support are the main ingredients to a successful turnaround. I commend Road Recovery!” Charlie Feldman, VP, BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated)
gruber “Road Recovery is an amazing power of example; I am truly blown away by the simplicity of their message and the honesty with which they bring it. Road Recovery’s magic lies in its people; there is an overwhelming sense of family that emanates from each one of the members and welcomes everyone that comes into the mix.” Andrea Gruber, Soprano
times “Road Recovery’s program explores creative alternatives to drug and alcohol abuse….[teaching kids] that you can be down at the very bottom and rise back up again.” Marcia Clark, The New York Times
drJohn “Road Recovery is doing a great thing of inspiring the next generation to understand the principle of passing it on by first discovering yaself, I got some confusement here. Through the help of others who have lived it and have been there, Road Recovery provides a space, a sense of openness and awareness which allows a good shot of what can happen!” Dr. John, Parent, Grandfather, Artist
strawberry “Road Recovery is a blessing to the community at large! By offering at risk youth the opportunity to hear testimonials such as my husband’s Darryl, and I. Sharing our experiences, strength, hope and the faith to overcome the disease of alcoholism, addiction and its many effects.” Darryl & Charisse Strawberry, Parents
scottb “Road Recovery is one of the few adolescent recovery programs that is able to help teenagers successfully maintain sobriety within their home communities. Success occurs through a balance between: creative arts and music, the power of affiliation with other sober teens, and the ability to interact with inspirational and notable people who have been touched by either addiction or other life challenges. In my practice, I regularly utilize Road Recovery as a powerful clinical tool for treating adolescents and their families who face substance use disorders or other addictive problems.” Scott Bienenfeld, M.D.
schub “Road Recovery is literally a life-saving organization and a blessing to the music business, providing a vital, precious service in an often brutal industry.” Steven Schub, Actor/Lead Singer, The Fenwicks
mikey “Road Recovery, the real deal, where dreams become reality, Crazy James an amazing group of people….their band will change your life.” Mikey, Drummer, Shiny Toy Guns
petertork 0 “Let’s hear it for Road Recovery! It’s a tough and dirty job they do, and if they didn’t do it, maybe not too many other people would. It’s a crucial job, but not everybody realizes it needs doing. Road Recovery carries the promise of deliverance from those who can speak of substance abuse from those who can speak of it from first-hand experience to those who might never hear of it without their peers to relate to. It has been more than a privilege and pleasure, it has been a blessing to have participated with Road Recovery’s work. I eagerly anticipate having more to do with them, and with the kind of work they do.” Peter Tork, Musician, Artist, Shoe Suede Blues, The Monkees Peter Tork
chrisdifford “Meeting the people from Road Recovery lifted my day, we swapped Grateful Dead stories and shared in how much being sober means to us all. Each day is a bonus, I’m so happy to be here it’s so far from where I have been in my life, and I’m inspired by meeting my new friends!” Chris Difford, Artist, Founding Member – Squeeze
laurielevine “I am in the unique position of having been a witness to the conception of Road Recovery and recently in a position to refer a client from my practice to the program. In terms of prevention, Road Recovery offers young people an opportunity to interact with musicians and others in the music industry who support and live substance free lives. I will continue to refer clients and others to the program.” Laurie B. Levine, Ph.D.
arlisshoward “How can we refer to ourselves as a community until we are able to take in the ones whose families may have fallen short of the mark, or those who have strayed to a distant neighborhood, and help them to be a part of it all? Road Recovery and the institutions they partner with are doing just that. It’s schooling on the road to recovery.” Arliss Howard & Debra Winger, Parents, Actors
drlouiscox “Road Recovery’s concept is an important and effective contribution to saving lives and maintaining the health of the music industry family.” Louis D. Cox, Ph.D.
joanapw “Road Recovery is part of the incredible path to ultimate freedom! Thank You!” Joan As Police Woman
sarahjones “My sister died of a heroin overdose in 1997, she was hip and cool and she was an artist…I just wonder what a program like this might have meant to her if she had known it was there.” Sarah Jones, Actress, Poet
kebmo “Road Recovery lifts every soul!” Keb’ Mo’, blues singer, guitarist, and songwriter
pinfield “I think Road Recovery is an amazing organization! Road Recovery’s programs give direction to young people by helping them follow their passion for music or whatever…find something you love, focus on it and let it unfold is what Road Recovery is all about!” Matt Pinfield, Radio & TV DJ/Personality, Music Producer
evensienfeld “As a sober musician, and seasoned veteran of the road, I feel enormous gratitude that Road Recovery exists as support and resource for people like me striving to live on a spiritual path in an environment so often fueled by drugs and alcohol! Road Recovery is guiding today’s musical youth towards a path of positive living through sobriety and fellowship!” Evan Seinfeld, Musician, Actor, Biohazard
scottb “I greatly admire Road Recovery’s tenacity in tackling such a tough problem. The world is lucky to have people so willing to give of themselves to help others.” Scott Booker, World’s Fair, Manager for The Flaming Lips
kennedylawford “Through Road Recovery we can all look up at the stars!” Christopher Kennedy Lawford
tonyBlackman “Road Recovery lights the path for youth who are struggling to discover their own greatness and the rainbow that shines from within.” Toni Blackman, U.S. Hip-Hop Ambassador
mikeD “By providing a channel of self expression, Road Recovery helps fill the void…Plus, if these kids don’t play music they will probably rob you.” Mike D., Comedian
barryb “We need more music industry people in helping Road Recovery spread it’s message of substance free living through the power of music to young people.” Barry Bergman, Founder, President – MMF – US (Music Managers’ Forum)
brucegeorge “Road Recovery is a beacon of hope for those whom society has chosen to ignore. They are in the business of saving lives, one soul at a time. May God continue to bless the staff and students.” Bruce George, Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam
joearthur “It was great to share in the process of recovery…Road Recovery inspires me to stay on this path…” Joseph Arthur, Artist
billboard “Though young in years, Road Recovery has become one of the best resources in the music industry for countering drug and alcohol addictions. The organization’s various programs empower people to take charge of their lives. And it accomplishes this through the power of music. In this way, music is the answer.” Michael Paoletta, Senior Writer/Reviews Editor, Billboard Magazine
KevinLyman “I think that the Vans Warped Tour and Road Recovery are a natural partnership. Though we all love what we do, the pressures of this lifestyle can and does often lead to substance abuse for some people. Fortunately, Road Recovery is there to support artists and crew members in their time of need…and through music industry professionals, Road Recovery delivers creative alternatives to young music lovers.” Kevin Lyman, Founder of The Vans Warped Tour
Reeve Carney “It’s great there’s Road Recovery for teens because music has always been my way for communicating chaotic energy. I’m glad to be able to give back.” Actor/Musician,Reeve Carney
Ron Wood “Hey Road Recovery…I’m soo pleased to be helping out, hopefully encouraging young users not to use, and helping them on their Road to Recovery!!” Ronnie Wood, Rolling Stones
Rufus Wainwright “I’d like to congratulate Road Recovery on their 15th Anniversary. 15 years, that’s amazing! And on the 15th Anniversary I’m very very happy to be supporting the organization! Keep up the good work and see you down the road!” Rufus Wainwright – singer, songwriter, composer
michael1 “My heart is wide open and I am grateful to work with the young people at Road Recovery. I have learned to live in love and not fear and if i can pass my experience , strength and hope on to them, then I am a happy camper. 🙂 ” Michael Alago, Music Industry A&R Veteran, Photographer
don.subway “I was amazed at the kids’ enthusiasm for the Road Recovery Master Trax program, their joy of living in a sober community and the ease with which they hung out with a person decades older (but still a young rocker at heart). My impression was that their participation in Road Recovery gave them a strong sense of self along with a confidence that I personally was sorely lacking in early sobriety without the benefit of a peer program. From my point of view, Road Recovery has provided these young people with a recovery “kick start” and given them a sense of belonging that I am certain is a major source of inspiration to them. It certainly was to me!” Don Fertman, Chief Development Officer for the SUBWAY® Restaurant Chain
Fred Schneider, B-52's “I’ve experienced first-hand how the members of Road Recovery have successfully overcome destructive energies and have been able to channel their energies into true musical talents.” Fred Schneider, B-52’s
Justin Furstenfeld, Blue October “I want to make a special shout out to Road Recovery. There is a solution out there guys, there is a solution! Thank you for all your love and support.” Justin Furstenfeld, Blue October 
“Don“There are so many worthy causes. All deserving of time and attention. What makes Road Recovery special to me is the immediacy of your effort and donation in making a difference. There is no lag time. You give, kids receive. They get the support they need to make today better than yesterday. And the staff are infectious. They aren’t just giving to the cause. They are living for the cause. And it’s their example that inspires me to try harder.” Don Miggs, Artist, Producer, Philanthropist  
“Jess“@GrahamWindham – we’ve been working with Road Recovery since 2001, witnessed their amazing work with foster care youth, youth in transition & their families.” Jess Dannhauser, President & CEO, Graham-Windham
Maria Angelica Kirke “Listening to the young people of Road Recovery was absolutely inspiring. I’m so glad they have a place to go to be in-community with like minded people. If I had that when I was a young girl, my life would’ve been completely different.” Maria Angelica Kirke, Actress, Writer
Dr. Marianne Chai “The work of Road Recovery is all inspiring. By providing an outlet for creativity, in the spirit of collaboration and mentorship, participants experience joy and pride in ways that were once unimaginable.” – Dr. Marianne Chai, MD Child, Adolescent and Addiction Psychiatrist Alternative and Integrative Medicine Specialist Clinical Instructor at the NYU Child Study Center
Poul Jensen “Hey Road Recovery, how do I know you’re a success? Our kids are always smiling when your staff is around. Very simply, if the kids are happy, I know your program is really working!” – Poul Jensen, President, CEO, Graham-Windham Services (retired)
Alan L .Green “Road Recovery is an impressive program toward maintaining recovery!” – Alan L .Green, MD Chairman Department of Psychiatry, Dartmouth Medical School
Sam Haft “All our best wishes to the Road Recovery staff and the amazing young people who are changing each other’s lives through music!” – Sam Haft, The Living Tombstone
Bowen Yang “Hello Road Recovery youth and music industry staff! I want to lend my support to all of you. I love you, I love everything you’re doing! Keep it up.” – Bowen Yang, actor, comedian
Fred Kevorkian “I am glad to be able to help with my modest contribution of mastering the great music created by Road Recovery’s youth! Their Creative Mentors from the music industry are doing a phenomenal job helping struggling kids. They are really dedicated and they are giving them the opportunity to develop important new life skills. Great work guys!” – Fred Kevorkian – Kevorkian Mastering, Inc.

Road Recovery provides educational/performance workshops and peer support.

Road Recovery and its RoadTrax, Trax Program, VirtualTrax, SeminarTrax, ConcertTrax, MasterTrax and FieldTrax do not provide medical care or maintain protected health information for its participants.