Partnering w/ Youth In & Out Patient Treatment Institutions

Road Recovery’s ROADTRAX program is a program on the road, traveling to each partnering residential and/or outpatient treatment institution we partner with weekly! Our action-driven ROADTRAX program empowers young people to face their struggles and helps them to develop comprehensive life skills through peer support meetings & creative workshops. ROADTRAX utilizes a unique method of bringing people together in a positive way through the process of creating, planning, and presenting live-concert event(s). ROADTRAX offers participants the opportunity to develop the positive skills needed to achieve short and long term goals as an alternative to the negative behaviors that may have been exhibited in their past. ROADTRAX partners with inpatient/outpatient residential treatment facilities who provide care for severely emotionally disturbed, traumatized, addicted, orphaned, abandoned and neglected children and young adults (ages: 6-22). Road Recovery’s ROADTRAX staff is comprised of entertainment industry professionals who have confronted similar crises and now wish to share their experience, knowledge, and resources. ROADTRAX is tailored to meet the needs and goals set by each institution. ROADTRAX is a program on the road, traveling to each institution weekly!

“Our students attend weekly RoadTrax meetings with our staff, Road Recovery staff and their contacts. Their program is powerful! As a result, substance abuse and incident rates are down at our campus. The program finale consisting of drama, dance, jazz, stage art, video production, and musical compositions were all original pieces. Wow! Road Recovery’s programs have dramatically impacted the lives of our students. Road Recovery is a part of the Graham School culture.”

– Gerry Leventhal, Vice President of Westchester-based Services / Graham-Windham Services


A working collaboration with support from each partnering institution’s staff
Team building / peer support
Short & long term goal setting and achievement
Multi-level adult support and supervision
A safe and confidential environment
Hands-on training/use of ‘state of the art’ music/production equipment & supplies


  • NO previous creative experience required
  • A participant must be willing and able to participate in and comply with the structured programming to ensure continuity as a participant in the program.
  • A participant may have co-existing or secondary psychiatric complications; however they must be mild in severity and not prevent participation in the program or present a danger to themselves or others participating or working in the program.
  • A participant who meets the criteria while still residing at an inpatient/residential treatment/educational facility may be considered a candidate for transition to Road Recovery’s TRAXPROGRAM while still in residential care, thus assisting in the continuum of care post discharge from the inpatient/residential treatment/educational facility.


Program Length: 12 to 14 week cycle, a session can be offered once weekly
six (6) week cycle, sessions can be offered twice weekly

Per Session Length: one (1) session = three (3) hours

Days & Times: after school or early evenings

Location: sessions take place at the institution hosting the program


Provides an opportunity for youth participants to support one another by sharing together their ups and downs of daily recovery and personal adversities.
Road Recovery’s Peer Support Meeting is facilitated by both Road Recovery staff and the hosting program staff.

Life Skills – Staff and youth participants collectively address self-governing aspects of the program and organize upcoming live performance events and/or studio recordings and other creative projects.

Under the direction of Road Recovery’s staff, youth participants and the hosting program staff, create, design, and rehearse in preparation for their final concert performance and/or studio recordings and other creative projects.

“How can we refer to ourselves as a community until we are able to take in the ones whose families may have fallen short of the mark, or those who have strayed to a distant neighborhood, and help them to be a part of it all? Road Recovery and the institutions they partner with are doing just that. It’s schooling on the road to recovery.” – Arliss Howard & Debra Winger, Parents, Actors

Road Recovery provides educational/performance workshops and peer support.

Road Recovery and its RoadTrax, Trax Program, VirtualTrax, SeminarTrax, ConcertTrax, MasterTrax and FieldTrax do not provide medical care or maintain protected health information for its participants.