Camp Felix At Home Program – The Felix Organization, The New York Foundling, & Road Recovery

The Camp Felix At Home summer program included live, interactive and engaging camp-themed programming led by veteran Camp Felix staff members and partners like Road Recovery’s music industry professionals and other supporters via online platforms. Activities included fitness/yoga/dance classes, arts and crafts activities, musical performances, talent shows, trivia and other games, sing-alongs, and other opportunities for campers to connect and communicate with each other in small virtual groups and enjoy a unique summer camp experience at home together.

“Thank you Road Recovery’s music industry team – you guys are fantastic! Our teens and staff loved spending Tuesday mornings with you all these past 4 weeks, especially Rodney! You have certainly made an impression, that’s for sure. This summer was not without its (many) challenges, but I’m so glad you joined us on this adventure! Thank you all so very much.” – Jane Feyder-Siegel, LMSW, The New York Foundling – Program Director, Camp Felix

“Road Recovery, we can’t thank you and your creative team enough for all of your hard work and dedication to bringing light and joy to our kids in such a tough time. It’s hard to remain positive when so much is uncertain and scary right now. You gave our kids the chance to express themselves and channel their emotions in a constructive and fulfilling way. No value can be placed on that… we are so grateful. We better cross paths again! We’ll make sure of it. Warm regards.” – Amanda Ricken Simonetta – Executive Director, and all of us at The Felix Organization

Road Recovery was awarded a State Opioid Response (SOR) Grant to provide their Trax Programs at Youth Clubhouses created & operated by NYS Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services (OASAS)

Road Recovery was selected by NYS-OASAS to receive grant funding to expand their TRAX PROGRAM peer support services beyond NYC at several selected Youth Clubhouses throughout New York State. Governor Cuomo’s rollout in federal funding is made possible through the State Opioid Response (SOR) to expand initiatives and access to recovery support services to at-risk youth and young adults as part of aggressive efforts to combat the opioid epidemic in New York State.

Road Recovery Trax Program locations:

    • Creative Connections Clubhouse, Amsterdam, NY
    • Oneonta Teen Center / Club Odyssey, Oneonta, NY
    • Columbia County Clubhouse, Hudson, NY
    • Greene County Clubhouse, Catskill
    • Yonkers YMCA Youth Recovery Clubhouse, Yonkers, NY
    • Horizons Clubhouse, Massena, NY
    • Ronthahiiohstha:ke – A/CDP Clubhouse, St, Regis Mohawk Tribe, Akwesasne, NY
    • The LGBT Center, New York, NY
    • Elmcor Youth & Adult Services, Queens, NY

The Manhattan School of Cultural Development and PS/IS-48 (Staten Island)

Road Recovery and IlluminArt Productions partnered during the Covid-19 pandemic to present Virtual Write-A-Play/Music Programs for youth in two New York City public schools: The Manhattan School of Career Development (Lower East Side, Manhattan) and PS/IS-48 (Staten Island). The overall goal of the Virtual Write-A-Play/Music was to individually and collectively engage young participants (middle school students) in the process of collaborative learning, planning, creating and completing goals of creativity, with the incentive that if participants meet their creative deadlines, their creations, artwork and voice was presented across Road Recovery and IlluminArt social media platforms. For each session, Road Recovery and IlluminArt Virtual Creative Staff Mentors conducted “check-in” meetings with the students to see how each young participant was feeling and doing in their lives followed by a discussion about what creative projects will be addressed during their Virtual Write-A-Play/Music session. Creative Staff Mentors then paired up with BOTH youth participants and school staff for the remainder of the virtual program where activities take place for remote ‘creative’ learning.

The Fortune Society

“Through Road Recovery I was able to gain confidence, further develop a positive self-image, achieve an awareness of strength, and vital life skills need to make it in the street, for which I am grateful.” – Felix G., Fortune Society Road Recovery RoadTrax program participant


“We are mucho happy to connect with Road Recovery thanks to The Pinkerton Foundation. I hope you all get as much out of it as our staff & participants are getting.” – Chaplain Tara Brown Arnell, Director, BronxConnect

Newport Academy

“Road Recovery has done great work with our clients. By incorporating music, the teens have a fun outlet which they can use to work through their current issues and emotions. I am looking forward to Road Recovery returning in the fall with their RoadTrax program and to continue this collaboration”. – Ashley O’Connor, M.A., LPC, Primary Therapist Newport Academy

SCO Family of Services – Jamaica, NY

sco family

“Our kids discovered through working with Road Recovery that they have a voice, a voice that many of our kids were told they didn’t have or was not worth hearing…together, Through SCO’s partnership with Road Recovery, our kids voices were heard, loud and clear.” – John F Donlon | Recreation Specialist, SCO Family of Services.

Green Chimneys – Gramercy Group Residence, NY, NY

green chimneyspng

“Green Chimneys Gramercy Group Residence partnered with Road Recovery for three months delivering their RoadTrax program to our residents Last week’s performance was amazing. Green Chimneys staff, youth and Road Recovery staff collaboratively produced an excellent performance. The songs, dancing and acting were very moving. It was evident that a lot of work and effort went into the program. It was an emotionally charged evening we won’t soon forget! In the end…our young people were impacted in a most positive way through the process of working each week, building a strong bond with Road Recovery’s staff!” – Debbie MacCarry, Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance Green Chimneys

Sing Sing Correctional Facility, Ossining, NY


“I am proud to support Road Recovery. The inmates I have Talked to state that although they thought it would be cool to learn music they have received so much more. They say I’ve learned it ‘s o.k. to be afraid, it’s ok to try something new, it’s ok to take a risk. This type of thinking is a positive experience that transfers over to getting a better education, getting treatment and helping others. This is exactly what we want and they need. It’s nice to know that you’re just getting started!”
Philip Heath, Superintendent, Sing Sing Correctional Facility

Warwick Valley High School, Warwick, NY

richlinken-headshot“Throughout my twenty-five years in education, I have viewed numerous school assemblies and presentations intended to motivate adolescents to make good decisions. A few of the better ones even have urged teens to reach out for help when faced with struggles. None have come close to delivering the message the way the young participants of Road Recovery have delivered it here in Warwick Valley High School. It is a message framed with honesty, integrity, and love. Most importantly, as a school instructional leader I clearly recognize the powerful connection Road Recovery outreach programs have consistently made between performance venue and curricular activities in the classroom. To any school leaders wishing to develop strong character education programs, consider placing Road Recovery at the core of your efforts. Your students will thank you.” – Richard Linkens, Director of English, Social Studies, Academic Intervention Services, Warwick Valley Central School District, Warwick, NY

Read the report here

Voices Project – Haines, Alaska

voices project

Road Recovery took a ground breaking expansion trip to rural Alaska where Road Recovery’s staff made a powerful impact on the entire town of Haines (population 2,500). Road Recovery’s Performance Workshops program in collaboration with the Voices Project, a local Alaskan-based program designed to increase education and awareness of the impacts of substance abuse on people’s lives in the small rural town.

“Road Recovery impacted our kids & community in a most extraordinary and unique manner, imparting deeper awareness of substance abuse. The program gave meaningful life tools for sobriety and drug-free lifestyle to addicts and non addicts of all ages, with a focus on creative expression as a means of communicating thoughts and feelings, in the context of community.”

Cherri Rakers, Parent Haines, Alaska

“Road Recovery’s Jay and Charles concocted a compelling energy virus that proved infectious with the kids. I love witnessing the moment when values systems ‘click’. It happened many times.”

Dan Henry Program Director, KHNS-FM, Haines, Alaska

Notre Dame of Mt. Carmel, Cedar Knolls, NJ


Fr. Jude Salus, Pastor – Notre Dame of Mt. Carmel, a Roman Catholic parish in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey discovered Road Recovery while searching for a solution to his community’s crisis after witnessing firsthand the devastation of drug overdoses and deaths among the youth in his community. The number of deaths climbed almost 70 percent from the previous year’s total of 26, with victims between 17 and 59 years old, according to law enforcement officials.

“I am both bi-polar and an addict. Before recovery, I was not going to school. I tried to commit suicide. I was with an abusive boyfriend. Basically, I was out of control and no one knew how to handle me. I knew I needed help and was sent away… In other programs, people are there because they have to be. The court made them go. In Road Recovery, people come because they want to. Road Recovery is fun. The staff people are fun. The music is fun. I feel free when I’m at Road Recovery. It doesn’t matter what you sound like, the staff always says we are great. I had no music experience at all. The Road Recovery folks always find a part for you and encourage all of us to keep moving forward. Road Recovery is a place where I want to come. We’re like a little family.”

Amber, Road Recovery program participant (17 years old)

The Graham School/Graham-Windham, Inc./Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District #11


The Graham School, located in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, is part of Graham-Windham Services, which has been providing a way to take care of New York’s orphaned, abandoned and neglected children for over 200 years. Graham-Windham Services helps under-served children overcome obstacles on the path to self-sufficiency by giving them the skills to succeed, supporting and strengthening their families and, when necessary, supplementing their families.

“What happened in our ‘old’ gym is something spectacular. In a world that exaggerates and wears out words by overusing them, spectacular may be an understatement. Eighty-two students took part in the total Road Recovery production. This is 50 percent of our total census. Amazing!! An average of twenty-five students attended Monday night ‘Recovery/Sobriety Meetings’ with our staff, Road Recovery staff and Road Recovery contacts. These meetings are powerful. As a result, substance abuse is down on the campus. The drama, dance, jazz, stage art, video production, and musical composition were all original pieces. Wow!!

Road Recovery’s programs have opened up a whole new area of career opportunities for our students. We hope to have a long lasting relationship with Road Recovery.”

Gerry Leventhal, Vice President of Westchester-based Services/Graham-Windham Services

Ittleson Center/Jewish Board of Family & Children’s Services


Based in Riverdale, NY, the Ittleson Center is a residential program of the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services. Ittleson helps children who have experienced trauma in their young lives and as a result have significant problems in learning, in making or keeping friends, and managing feelings. Staff and volunteers work closely with each child to re-build a sense of self and improve their responses to the world around them.

“Road Recovery utilizes a unique and wonderful method of bringing people together in a positive way through music, dance and rhythm. It is a remarkable program in its ability to help, direct, and inspire young people. The Road Recovery staff is truly outstanding, and the creativity and energy of the final performance were incredible. Road Recovery is inspired and imaginative, and was able to bring out the artist in each child at Ittleson!”

Kathy Forte – Director, Henry Ittleson Center for Children Research

“The hours that the Ittleson kids spent with the Road Recovery program were some of the happiest, liveliest, and most worthwhile hours the Ittleson community has ever seen. It is really a terrific program, which we hope returns to Ittleson in the years to come.”

Toni Bernstein – Ittleson Divisional Committee Member, Jewish Board for Family and Children Services

Linden Hill, Goldsmith Center, Hawthorne, NY/Jewish Board For Family & Children Services

jbfcs black

A residential treatment facility (RTF) for severely emotionally disturbed adolescents ages – 13 to 22. Licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health, the Center provides supervised living units and a program of therapeutic and educational services. The program provides a secure in-house acute-care unit as part of the continuum of care. A special education school is located on the campus.

“The children and adolescents representing the Residential Treatment Facilities of the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services, like many of the Road Recovery staff, have faced many difficulties in their young lives and are using music, dance and the arts as an alternative to the negative behaviors they may have used in the past. I am so pleased to have Road Recovery working with us and hope that we can continue to work with them for a long time to come.”

Kathleen Forte, MA – Director of RTFs and Children’s Day Treatment Division

Caron Foundation, New York Recovery Center


The mission of the Caron Foundation, a not-for-profit drug and rehabilitation facility, is to provide an enlightened, caring treatment community in which all those affected by alcoholism or other drug addiction may begin a new life.

“Teens in early recovery look for ways to recuperate lost time. They also have an urgent need to recreate their place in youth culture. Road Recovery is one of the few groups to understand this need and to provide a response. By joining new-found energy and commitment to sobriety with the creative opportunities that Road Recovery provides, Caron Foundation of New York is sending a clear message of the importance of helping youth reclaim their birthright to a healthy and positive future where any dream is possible.”

Jeanette Friedman, CSW/Director Adolescent Services for Caron NY

“The addition of Road Recovery to the treatment team in the Caron Foundation of New York Recovery Center is truly an innovative approach to helping kids in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. We know that one of the major influences for youth is music. By incorporating recovering musicians as mentors and providing our young people an opportunity and environment to be musically and artistically creative under the direction of these mentors, music can become a strong positive influence.”

Michael Early, Executive VP/Chief Clinical Office Caron Foundation


Road Recovery provides educational/performance workshops and peer support.

Road Recovery and its RoadTrax, Trax Program, VirtualTrax, SeminarTrax, ConcertTrax, MasterTrax and FieldTrax do not provide medical care or maintain protected health information for its participants.