Entertainment Industry

  • “For years Road Recovery has been helping kids find their way towards a healthy future through the efforts of music industry professionals. I am proud to be a member of this great organization. Once you find that you want this [Road Recovery], it’s something tangible that you can achieve & very much worth the effort.”
    SLASHGuns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver

    “It was my honor to spend time with Road Recovery’s young adults! It means a lot to me as a mom to talk with these wonderful young people and listen to them describe what they’ve been through and how they feel. We, as moms and dads can learn so much by listening to our young people. Thank’s again Road Recovery for allowing Ozzy and I the experience of meeting & speaking with all of you! I give a HUGE, HUGE CHEER in support of ROAD RECOVERY! Make sure you capitalize HUGE!”
    Sharon OsbourneMedia Personality, Author, Music Manager & Promoter

    “Good Job Road Recovery!”
    – Bill MurrayActor

    “Road Recovery & Music are powerful! Music can wash clothes; Road Recovery can help sort it out!” -
    – Hal Willner, American music producer working in recording, films, TV and live events

    “Whatever your problem is, nothing will get solved by drinking. It only calms you, but in the morning your gonna wake up with a headache. Road Recovery will help you take away your pain before you get a headache.”  Buddy Guy, Blues Guitarist and Singer

    “Just do what I do when things get tough, tell yourself, I’m a champion and then act that way. Road Recovery feels good!!”
     Iggy Pop, The Stooges

    “Together, through music and creativity with Road Recovery, you’re gonna find your path.”
     Joe Perry, Aerosmith

    “Turning that road to ruin into Road Recovery can be a great one having the tools and support. Be the rebel and help break the myth of sex, drugs, rock and roll by standing up with your given gift. Stand up with out those crutches before they inevitably fail you. Road Recovery, they fight the good fight. With Much Love and Respect."
     James ‘papa het’ Hetfield, Metallica

    “Road Recovery is the place where love, care, and inspiration leads to healing and empowerment!”
     Darryl McDaniels, RUN DMC

    “I’ve experienced first-hand how the members of Road Recovery have successfully overcome destructive energies and have been able to channel their energies into true musical talents.”
     Fred Schneider, B-52’s

    “Everybody gets off track…and with all the support from people involved with Road Recovery, there’s a brighter day ahead."  
    – Paul Stanley, KISS

     Jimmy Webb, I NEED MORE

    “Road Recovery lifts every soul!”
     Keb’ Mo’, blues artist

    “Road Recovery is about young folks, unfixable houses and giving them shelter and a direction. We love you Road Recovery!” 
     Perry & Etty Lau Farrell, Jane’s Addiction

  •  "How can we refer to ourselves as a community until we are able to take in the ones whose families may have fallen short of the mark, or those who have strayed to a distant neighborhood, and help them to be a part of it all? Road Recovery and the institutions they partner with are doing just that. It’s schooling on the road to recovery.”
    Arliss Howard & Debra WingerParents, Actors

    “I’ve been blessed to have a truly rewarding career in the music industry and I’ve worn many hats, from artist and songwriter to producer and executive. I also have experienced firsthand the ravages of addiction, and the role I’m most proud to be associated with is ‘sober’.”
    Smokey Robinson

    “Road Recovery is very necessary, very timely and very true… And, should be shared in schools with young people all around the world!”

    Jon Anderson, YES

    “I’ve experienced first-hand how the members of Road Recovery have successfully overcome destructive energies and have been able to channel their energies into true musical talents.”
    Fred SchneiderB-52’s

    “Road Recovery, that’s really cool.”
     Joan Jett, Punk Rock Legend

    “It’s an inspiration to know the people at Road Recovery who give so much of their lives to helping others.”
     Charles Grodin, Actor/Writer

    “It’s an honor supporting Road Recovery. The work they do is remarkable. Just look at the faces of the kids who are part of their programs. Rock On!!!”
     John Varvatos, Designer

    “Knowing that I can be of help in some small way to Road Recovery is the best feeling. I can only hope that I helped their young people as much as they have helped me.” 
    Peter Frampton

    “I’m so happy to meet these kids! They are among the most promising young people I’ve met in a long time and Road Recovery is what’s behind it all!”
     Tony Bennett, Singer

    “It’s great there’s Road Recovery for teens because music has always been my way for communicating chaotic energy.” 
     Reeve Carney, Actor/Musician 

    “Hey Road Recovery…I’m soo pleased to be helping out, hopefully encouraging young users not to use, and helping them to carry on."
     Ronnie Wood, Rolling Stones

    “Road Recovery knows how it is when you live life, and wants to make sure kids of all ages get a real shot from people who experienced a lot and are willing to give back! This is the realist thing I’ve seen out here for real.”
      Doug E. Fresh, Parent, Artist

    "Road Recovery provides a space, a sense of openness and awareness which allows a good shot of what can happen!”

     Dr. John, Parent, Grandfather, Artist

    “It’s a long proven fact that, for the recovering community, the terms ‘love and service’ describe an essential part of a well lived life. A spiritual bumper sticker, it could easily serve as the Road Recovery mission statement. Taking their message to those who need it most, their founders recognized that having a safe space and the support to create art can be a truly healing experience. Rolling kindness! The work that Road Recovery is doing is vital, and so many young people have already been empowered by the positive creative opportunities their programs offer. The ASCAP Foundation is proud to recognize their extraordinary efforts with the 2021 Sunlight of the Spirit Award.”
    Paul Williams, ASCAP Foundation Board President & songwriter